15 Best Things to Do in Quebec, Canada

15 Best Things to Do in Quebec, Canada

The capital city of Canada’s Quebec province, Quebec City is a beautiful destination that is filled with history, culture and magnificent architecture. The area surrounding the city is also spectacular, overlooking the St. Lawrence River with the Laurentian Mountains in the background to the north.

Quebec City has always been one of Canada’s top tourist destinations, what with its Old Town, Parisian-like charm and great festivals. It is a place for romance, families and solo travellers, with something to offer everyone. It is a fantastic city, with loads to do, however these are the 15 best things to do in Quebec.

1. Explore one of North America’s oldest communities

The Breakneck Stairs
The Breakneck Stairs

Source: flickr

The narrow streets, steps and postcard village feeling makes the Petit-Champlain district stand out amongst the rest. It also happens to be one of North America’s oldest commercial enclaves.

Explore the neighbourhood and all of its glory. Small boutiques shops and bistros line the cobblestone streets, most of which are housed in refurbished historic buildings. It is a romantic neighbourhood, with a European charm.

Petit-Champlain sits at the bottom of Cap Diamant. The Breakneck Stairs is one of its key landmarks, which is the oldest staircase in the city.

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