16 Top Adventure Travel Destinations in the U.S - Part 2

16 Top Adventure Travel Destinations in the U.S

14- Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado

Colorado might have hit headlines recently when they legalized marijuana, but Boulder has a lot more to offer than narcotics. The city sits in the Valley between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains and is resplendent with natural beauty. A glance in any direction will instantly reward you with mountainous backdrops or verdant, open plains.

Two words: The Flatirons. These steep rock slats are synonymous with Boulder. If you brave a hike, be sure to bring sturdy footwear. Other heart-pumping adventures adrenaline junkies can enjoy: kayaking, biking, horseback riding or hiking Eldorado Canyon State Park.

13- Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe, California
Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe’s water is the shade of turquoise you see in those heavily filtered photos of the Philippines on Instagram. Except that this isn’t a tropical island; it’s a lake in the US, and the water doesn’t need a filter to look this beautifully blue. Plus, most tropical islands don’t have snow-capped mountains as the backdrop.

Lake Tahoe’s beauty is impossible to ignore. The picturesque peaks offer some of the best skiing in the country, while the crystal clear lake is ideal for kayaking, canoeing and boating. For an even bigger thrill, try your luck at the casinos in nearby Reno