25 Best Things to Do in Stockholm, Sweden

25 Best Things to Do in Stockholm, Sweden

The capital of Sweden is a cosmopolitan city with a tangled old town, stylish young districts, a dynamic city centre. Spread across 14 islands on Lake Mälaren, Stockholm’s very environment encourages you to rove and see where you’ll end up. There are around 50 bridges in the centre alone, while ferries are a fun way to get about.

When it comes to fashion, design and music Stockholm is well ahead of the curve, and many of the coolest places to shop and go out are on the island of Södermalm south of the centre. The lion’s share of the museums and family days out are on Djurgården, a wooded island where the city goes for rest, culture and fun.

Let’s explore the best thing to do in Stockholm:

1. Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan

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Begin by going back to Stockholm’s roots at one of Europe’s great medieval centres, spread over three islands.

You’ll be in the midst of a true Hanseatic trading city, where gabled shops and warehouses are painted various shades of gold.

These now host all manner of restaurants, many garnering international awards, as well as museums, studios, bijou boutiques, cafes and bars.

On the eastern side of the old town there’s a long sequence of parallel cobblestone lanes leading in from the water and dipping under passageways.

Come here to squeeze through Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, an alley that tapers to just 90 centimetres across.

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