40 Places in Canada to See with Your Kids Before They Are All Grown Up

2. Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls

Source: flickr – Montmorency Falls

Beauport & Boischatel, Quebec

Why you’ve got to go: The 83 metre high waterfall is higher than Niagara Falls!

What to do: Climb the different staircases to see the falls from different perspectives, or hike along the numerous surrounding paths. For ultimate views, ride the aerial tramway from the bottom of the falls to the top.

Get there when kids are: any age

1. Calypso Park

Calypso Park

Source: harmony-church – Calypso Park

Limoges, Ontario

Why you’ve got to go: It’s the largest theme waterpark in the country, with attractions for all ages.

What to do: Put on your swim suits and slide down one of the waterslides or through the tubes. Swim in one of the pools, go canyon rafting or get your adrenaline pumping on the tallest water tower in North America. There are also areas for younger kids to swim and play around in.

Get there when kids are: any age

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