40 Places in the UK to See with Your Kids Before They Are All Grown Up

40 Places in the UK to See with Your Kids Before They Are All Grown Up

We’ve put together a list of the most fun, the most innovative and the most covertly educational days out in all of the UK.

Many are geared towards testing brains and coordination, and helping kids develop while having fun.

Others, like the UK’s biggest theme parks, are the sort of organised silliness and mayhem that all children need now and again.

There are places so magnificent and awe-inspiring that they might even bring you closer together, and buildings and museums so fascinating that parents won’t help but be engrossed as well.

Here’s our list of the Best places to visit with your kids before they are all grown up!:

1. Science Museum

Science Museum London
South Kensington, London

Source: wikipedia  –  Science Museum London

Why you’ve got to go: To enlighten inquisitive young minds about the physical world and the people who advanced our understanding. Well deserved one of the Best things to do with your kids!

What to do: It could be civil engineering, robotics or vacuum technology: If there’s a certain sphere that your budding young scientist is just getting into, well, the cavernous Science Museum will have whole galleries devoted to it. The movies at the IMAX theatre will only enhance that sense of wonder.

Get there when kids are: All ages   .  Click Next to See More …