40 Places to See in Texas Before Your Kids Grow Up

40 Places to See in Texas Before Your Kids Grow Up

Texas is a place where kids have ample room to unleash their creativity, energy, and imagination. From man-made theme parks to natural historical parks to historical sites to theaters, there is simply so much to do. Families can easily spend weeks exploring all that this great state has to offer without even scratching the surface of all there is to discover. Pack your bags and prepare to have fun at these 40 things to do in Texas before your kids grow up.

1. Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns, San Antonio
Natural Bridge Caverns

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San Antonio

Why you’ve got to go: This network of passages and caves was formed over thousands of years. Here, families can spend time learning about nature and geology while going on thrilling adventures. Make memories exploring the caves and participating in the many other fun attractions inside the park.

What to do: Embark on a tour of the caverns with a lantern, mine for fossils and gems, go spelunking, and discover hidden passages. There is also a zipline course, maze, and a place to witness thousands of bats fly from the cave out to search for their nightly feed.

Get there when kids are: Ages 5 and up. Click Next to See More …