Bla Bla biscuits – Pinterest Design

Bla Bla biscuits - Pinterest Design

Bla Bla biscuits – Pinterest Design

Blabbermouth Biscuit Branding

Bla Bla biscuits – Pinterest Design


Bla-Bla Cookies Packaging Provides a Snack to Stop the Gossip

One very good strategy for getting your chatty coworker to stop talking — at least very briefly — is to offer her something to eat. Bla-Bla Cookies packaging captures this technique in a clever design by students at Moscow’s British Higher School of Art and Design: Adeliya Koldarova, Oksana Paley, Daria Sapozhnikova and Zaira Panaeva.

The paper cylinders that hold the crackers have been graphically treated as cartoon heads. The fronts of the cartons have hairlines, eyes and noses, and mouths covered by the red label that bears the biscuits’ logo. Interestingly, you don’t open Bla-Bla Cookies packaging from the round flap on top, but rather by tearing the label away. This opens the mouth of the characters to reveal gobs full of food.


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