Bright Bazaar's Blogging Infographic – Pinterest Design

Bright Bazaar’s Blogging Infographic – Pinterest Design

Bright Bazaar’s Blogging Infographic – Pinterest Design

Bright Bazaar’s Blogging Tip !

Bright Bazaar’s Blogging Infographic – Pinterest Design

Today is my last day in Stockholm and I’m going to be so sad to leave this beautiful city. This morning I’m heading to the Stockholm Furniture Fair and then (hopefully!) squeezing in a museum before I leave for the airport. Before I head off I thought I would share with you all my Bright.Bazaar ‘Guide To Blogging’ infographic. When I was preparing my keynote speech to deliver at Meet The Blogger in Stockholm I was determined to find a way to condense my key points into a handy memento for my blogging pals in the audience; I think it can be difficult to listen to a lengthy speech and take proper notes at the same time. In the end I decided to create an infographic and used my speaker’s fee to have it specially designed and printed for everyone in the audience. I worked with my designer, Amanda, to create something that people might like to pin on their pin boards at home to give them a blogging high-five long after the conference finished. It’s actually quite a funny story: I was so engrossed in my Q&A session and relieved that the talk had gone OK that I forgot to hand the darn things out until my fiancé reminded me.

I couldn’t believe I nearly forgot about them after I spent so long agonising over the wording, design and paper stock! Luckily, they did get handed out and it’s been so fun to see old and new blogging friends sending me Instagrams, tweets and emails of the infographic pinned up in their homes all over Europe. So for those of you that were unable to attend, here’s my How To Build A Bright & Successful Blogging Brand infographic for you to pin digitally instead.

// Designed by Amanda Jane Jones for Bright.Bazaar

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