Lined Canvas Diaper Box

Lined Canvas Diaper Box

Lined Canvas Diaper Box .. Upcycle your boxes for cute storage bins!!!

Lined Canvas Diaper Box

What you’ll need
Diaper Box
Canvas fabric (1 yard covered two diaper boxes)
Measuring tape
Spray adhesive
Craft glue
Scissors (or rotary cutter and mat)
Here’s how
          Cut the flaps off of your box. Might I suggest using an x-acto knife? Scissors were a big pain to work with! Tape the handles down on the sides of the box, making a little more support and backing for the canvas.


     Measure the outside width and length of the box. I found that ironing my canvas prior to adhesion worked best. Cut canvas to those measurements.
 Cut your fabric
Mine was 25 x 31
              Center your box on the canvas. (Pull up the sides to make sure it’s right in the middle…try both the short and the long sides. You DON’T want to get half glued on only to find out it wasn’t in the center!) 
      Measure out from corner of the box (to the corner of your fabric) 2 inches and mark it with a pin. [The optional tutorial used a disappearing ink marker, but with black fabric…eh, a pin worked just fine.] Then cut a straight line from your pin to both the outsides of your fabric. (You will end up cutting out a fabric square- you won’t need it.) Do this with all the corners and it will be a cross when finished. 
Don’t forget to cut the 2 inches from the pin toward the box.


             Spray your adhesive on the long sides of box and pull up the canvas sides. Smooth out the fabric. Do this on both side of the box. (Unfortunately no picture for this.) Go ahead and spray a small strip of adhesive on the short ends of your box and fold over the extra fabric.


 On your short side “flap” apply a line of craft glue as if continuing a line from the box. 
Fold over the extra fabric so it’s even with the box and smooth it out. 
        Do this on both sides so that the folded fabric is aligned with your box. Now spray the short side of the box with adhesive and lift fabric onto it and smooth it out. Repeat on the other side.
   If the canvas goes above your box simply cut it off (or leave it!) and if it is a bit too short, don’t worry about it. The liner should cover it!
Semi-finished product

the full tutorial : http://designsbymke.blogspot.com/

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