Mason Jar Sewing Kit – Pinterest DIY & Crafts

Mason Jar Sewing Kit - Pinterest DIY & Crafts

Mason Jar Sewing Kit – Pinterest DIY & Crafts

DIY // Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Mason Jar Sewing Kit – Pinterest DIY & Crafts





Mason Jar (make sure it is a canning jar with a two piece lid)
Cotton Balls (or cotton batting if you have it!)
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric (I used the bag that my pillow cases came in)
Sewing supplies to go inside.
(I used; a giant safety pin to hold all of my little safety pins,
mini jam jars from Paris to hold my needles and pins, a measuring tape,
mini spools of thread, mini scissors, and a needle threader.)


How To;
-Cut a circle of fabric about an inch and a half larger than the lid.
-Tug and blend your cotton balls to make a wad.
-Place the cotton wad on the fabric and the lid bottom side up on top of the cotton wad.
-Using the hot glue gun, glue the fabric to the inside of the lid.
-I sort of pleated the fabric as I went, it doesn’t need to be perfect.
-Pop the pin cushion lid through the band.
-Fill your jar with all of your supplies, and screw on the lid.
-Add a label if you please, and then you are done!
-Hope you love your new mason jar sewing kit as much as I do!





Source: juliettelaura.blogspot.com


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