Worry Warriors: Help Kids Cope with Anxiety – Pinterest Education

Worry Warriors: Help Kids Cope with Anxiety - Pinterest Education

Worry Warriors: Help Kids Cope with Anxiety – Pinterest Education

Anxiety can be a very normal thing, and most of us (including kids) will experience worries from time to time.  If you are wondering when you should worry about your kid’s worries, though, check out the following resource which provides you with the Red Flags of Worry.

Worry Warriors: Help Kids Cope with Anxiety – Pinterest Education


Worry Warriors 

Help your child be a Worry Warrior. For our purposes, this means that he will face his fears head on. As you have likely heard, bravery is not the absence of fear.  It is feeling the fear and doing it anyways.  When kids can face their worries and process them with a caring adult, they are one step closer to emotional freedom!

How You Can Help Your Child

If your child’s worries are minimal and common, you can help him cope in many ways.  Below, we have gathered some great ways from some skilled folks, to help kids process and cope with worries.

1. Worry Activities from Kim’s Counseling Corner
(Includes 2 Activities)
2. Worry Dolls by Dr Play Mom

3. Worry Stones by Creative Elementary School Counselor

4. Anxiety can show up as anger.
Anxious kids may be irritable, and at times,
have outbursts.  Our very own resource,
can help with that!
(This is an AWESOME way to combat worry. Kids have loved this!)
(Teens Have LOVED this and found it very helpful!)
7. Worry Shields by Fairy Dust Teaching
8. Pocket Hearts – Worries by Curly Birds
(In case you need to ship some to a niece or grandchild)
10. Worry Cards by Autism Teaching Strategies
(32 Cards)
11.  Excessive worry can cause sadness.  Our very own resource,
“Helping Kids Deal with Sadness” can help.  It’s yours for about the
cost of a gourmet cup of coffee.  Just $5.00 for therapeutic-grade
skills for your youngsters.
11.  Deep Breathing by Kim’s Counseling Corner
(More than 20 Book Suggestions)
13. Calm Down and Relax by Creative Playhouse
(Featuring 15 Activities)

(Love this workbook!)

15. Our very own Fun with Feelings Workbook helps kids deal
with all sorts of feelings. (Instant Download) It can be used in
classrooms, with scouting groups, childcare facilities and more!

16. Sea Otter Cove: A Relaxation Story by my friend, Lori Lite,
at Stress Free Kids.

We hope those provide a good starting point for helping your kids cope with worries.  If anxiety and worries continue and impact your child’s ability to sleep, go to school, engage with peers in an age-appropriate manner, or affect him in any other way, we urge you to seek professional help.  The sooner a problem is dealt with, the sooner your child can get on with the business of being a kid!

17. See our whole collection of suggested books to help with anxietyhere:


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